Sampurna Adventure

About Us

Sampurna Adventure, run by entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector. Paramount importance goes in finding a healthy balance between sustaining the fragile eco-system of those countries in which we operate, whilst welcoming visitors and catering to their need and interest in the best possible way.

Safety, Hygiene and Environment Protection, the principles on which Sampurna Aventura was founded has been the backbone of many of our successful endeavors. Top quality tours and travel arrangement to suit the top-end luxury travelers to the cost-conscious travelers, is what we strive to offer.

Our specialists and trained hands can speak and conduct business in several foreign languages, while imparting expert opinion and advice in the field they cover.

We are a phone call, fax or email away (from the US and Germany one only need to fax to a domestic number to reach us directly in Kathmandu). Time zone differences allowing, we respond to your queries immediately - at the latest overnight.

We are a young, fast-growing company interested in all facets of travel trade and hence, are ever adapting to newer concepts and ideas. We value excitement and adventure, without compromising on quality.

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